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The information, support and willingness to contribute of all institutional and civil society actors is an important condition for better success in achieving the objectives of the action plan.

A good information of the civil society will allow a better understanding of the stakes linked to the preservation of the waters of Lake Geneva, as well as a better appropriation by all of the diagnosis of the situations and of the actions to be undertaken at the scale of the CIPEL territory. In this sense, the CIPEL wishes to organize regular meetings with the civil society and to develop synergies.


A key player in the future of water is the youth. A concerned and involved youth, who need a clear understanding and in-depth knowledge to be able to act positively on the future of Lake Geneva. Youth is also a way to penetrate families to spread knowledge and encourage behavioral change for the preservation of water.

The CIPEL wishes to develop mechanisms that promote and strengthen the action of young people for the future of Lake Geneva, as well as the popularization of scientific knowledge.


Thanks to a regular, rigorous and frequent monitoring program, set up by the CIPEL more than 50 years ago, Lake Geneva is an international reference for the study of the evolution of lake systems.

In order to increase public awareness of the state of health of Lake Geneva, educational work will consist of adapting and explaining concepts related to the functioning of the lake (water mixing, period of clear water, etc.) as well as scientific knowledge concerning the physical-chemical and biological evolution of the lake, in order to make them understandable and accessible to the general public.

ACTION PLAN 2021-2030

The 4th action plan of CIPEL is articulated around three main strategic axes, 12 themes and 29 actions

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