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  • The newsletter: every quarter, a newsletter is sent out by e-mail with the latest news on Lake Geneva and the CIPEL.
  • The beach map: before each summer, an interactive map allows you to check the quality of bathing water.
  • The limnological bulletin: after each water sampling campaign, a bulletin reports the analysis results.
  • The scientific report: every year since 1969, CIPEL has compiled the results and presented an analysis of the water quality situation.
  • Dashboard: every year, indicators are updated on the state of the lake and its tributaries, as well as on the implementation of the action plan.

Consult them online or contact the secretariat for a paper copy:


From June 2021, CIPEL will periodically issue a newsletter by e-mail, reporting on the latest lake analysis results and CIPEL news.


Interactive beach map

Nearly 120 beaches line the shores of Lake Geneva. Discover the quality of our bathing water with the map of Lake Geneva beaches, updated annually and available on WebApp or from the Secretariat.


This bulletin presents measurement data for temperature, Secchi transparency, turbidity and chlorophyll a concentration, recorded at measuring points in the center of the lake and on the Geneva side of the lake, as well as their evolution.


Since 1969, the quality of the waters of Lake Geneva and its catchment area has been monitored on a regular basis and for a wide range of parameters. Each year, CIPEL's scientific reports compile new results and provide an analysis of the situation.


The CIPEL dashboard groups together nearly 60 indicators providing valuable information on the state of the natural environment and the actions carried out on the CIPEL territory in response to its 2021-2030 action plan.

ACTION PLAN 2021-2030

CIPEL's 4th action plan is structured around three main strategic axes, 12 themes and 29 actions

Our communication campaigns

Find out about our latest communication projects to raise awareness of the state of health of Lake Geneva.

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