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Communicating the health of Lake Geneva

All the work done to follow the and understand it with a view to its preservation must bemust be brought to the attention of the actors concerned, whether they be scientists, elected officials, government elected officials, government services, environmental protection environmental protection associations, the fishing industry, water the fishing industry, drinking water distributors, or morethe general public, because everyone is concerned! everyone is concerned!


The natural environments of Lake Geneva

The CIPEL has just set up a nicely illustrated exhibition in order to make the public aware of the preservation of the natural environments that border Lake Geneva. The visitor is invited to discover the fauna and flora through 5 different distinctive environments.

This exhibition composed of 6 rollups is available for free to enrich regional events. You just have to contact the secretariat of the CIPEL and to come to collect the material on the spot.

A postcard-sized leaflet with the 6 illustrations from this exhibition is also available free of charge and can be ordered from the secretariat.

(c) G. Mulhauser


On the trail of micropollutants

This exhibition, intended for families and schools, takes visitors on a journey to discover the origins of micropollutants and their consequences for humans and nature. It not only provides detailed information, but also suggests good practices for everyday life.

This exhibition, designed in 2012 by CIPEL in partnership with the association Potamot, was reissued in 2021 and will soon be available for borrowing again.

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To order the material and for more information, contact the CIPEL secretariat

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