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International Commission for the Protection of the Waters of Lake Geneva


+41 (0)58 460 46 69
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Postal address

Rte de Duillier 50
CP 1080
1260 Nyon (Switzerland)

GPS address

Chemin de la Longeraie
1266 Duillier

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How to get there

To come,

by public transport :

  • Take the train to Nyon station.
  • Take the (yellow) post bus number 820 in the direction of "St. Georges" (the post bus stop is in front of the shop: Coop Pronto).
  • Stop at "Changins" (5 minutes drive). The bus stops in front of the "DC" building of the Agroscope Centre where the CIPEL offices are located.

The timetable is available on the SBB website (Departure point: Nyon; Destination: Changins)

The bus ticket can be purchased in Swiss francs from the driver.

by car :

  • Take the A1 motorway, exit Nyon.
  • Follow the Route Blanche, direction Nyon (and the lake).
  • At the first roundabout go straight on (2nd exit)
  • At the second roundabout take the3rd exit and at the4th roundabout go straight on.
  • At the large flowered roundabout, take the3rd exit, direction Saint-Cergue.
  • After a wide right turn, you will see a building with greenhouses surrounded by fields, this is it. A car park is open to the public.

Full access information

surf the line