The length of the banks is 200 km

It provides drinking water to more than 900,000 people


International Commission for the Protection of the Waters of Lake Geneva

The shores of the lake offer a diversity of environments that shelter a rich and varied fauna and flora

The Rhone brings an average of 182 m3 of water per second into Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva is the largest lake in Western Europe

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Lake temperature

A la surface du Léman : 🌡13,9 C° mesuré le 22.05.2023


This beginning of the year is marked by the arrival of a new Secretary General within the CIPEL. Indeed, we are pleased to announce that Mrs. Nicole Gallina will take the head of the general secretariat of the CIPEL as from February1st.




What is the latest temperature data for the lake? How much does the lake warm or cool during the year? How is its oxygen level changing? And how does its transparency and algae growth fluctuate? 🤓 To better understand how it works, follow the lake's evolution with the seasons in our regular newsletters.

Once upon a time, there was a lake... You tell the rest

Participatory writing project

Mysterious immensity, majestic mirror, unchained soul... just a few words, and Lake Geneva is already alive! The CIPEL and the Musée du Léman invite you to a new Franco-Swiss writing project: "Les mots bleus du Léman". A platform offered to all those who want to write. Writing workshops, online writing games, to encourage literary creation, in the respect of each one, without pretention nor stake. The only goals are to share and connect.

Once upon a time, there was a lake... You tell the rest
The natural shores of Lake Geneva

The natural shores of Lake Geneva

New travelling exhibition

The CIPEL has just set up a nicely illustrated exhibition in order to make the public aware of the preservation of the natural environments that border Lake Geneva. The visitor is invited to discover the fauna and flora through 5 different distinctive environments.


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Franco-Swiss cooperation for the water of Lake Geneva

The International Commission for the Protection of the Waters of Lake Geneva (CIPEL),
an intergovernmental Franco-Swiss body, has been contributing since 1963 to the coordination of water policy on the scale of the Lake Geneva basin, i.e. between France and Switzerland, and more particularly on the territories of the departments of Ain and Haute-Savoie as well as those of the cantons of Vaud, Valais and Geneva.

Its perimeter, covering an area of more than 10,000 km2, covers the Lake Geneva watershed and, more globally, the Rhone upstream of the French-Swiss border.

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The 4 seasons of Lake Geneva

Discover each month the evolution of the lake temperature and other parameters of the health of Lake Geneva


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Natural environments

Discover our special report dedicated to natural environments weakened by human activity

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