The waters of Lake Geneva have not been completely mixed

For the 10th year running, the waters of Lake Geneva have not been fully mixed: what are the consequences for the lake's state of health? 🧐

📋 The latest CIPEL scientific surveys show that this winter, the mixing depth was estimated at 130 m, which means that the water between 130 m depth and the lake bottom at 309 metres, did not mix with the surface water 🔃

The last complete mixing took place during the harsh winter of 2011/2012. It's only at this time of year that surface and deep waters can mix under the effect of cold and wind.

The repetition of incomplete mixing over the last ten years has led to an increase in temperature 🌡 at the bottom of the lake (+1.1°C since 2012) and a decrease in oxygen content 📉 The warming of the lake bottom and its deoxygenation represent a risk of asphyxiation for organisms living at depth 🙁

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