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When springtime returns, gardening enthusiasts all want to do one thing: to get out and tend their patch of ground: planting, hoeing, digging, but perhaps also to get rid of weeds, spray, eradicate unwanted plants by an armoury of pesticides and herbicides. However, all these products are extremely harmful, not only for human health, but also for water and the environment in general. There are ways of avoiding pesticide use in the garden!

The CIPEL publishes and offers an on-line Guide du jardin naturel, a guide to natural gardening that offers a lot of practical advice about how to replace pesticides by simple and natural methods.

Guide du jardin naturel (guide to natural gardening)  in French (PDF, 1.7 Mo)

You can order the Guide free of charge using the form opposite (this offer is available only to people living in the Lake Geneva catchment area: SWITZERLAND: Vaud, Valais and Genève. FRANCE: Ain 01 and Haute-Savoie 74).