Flooding: impact on wastewater treatment plants and measures to be taken

Following the recent bad weather, several wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) in the Valais region were severely affected.

Although the majority have suffered little damage, seven WWTPs located in the worst-affected areas are no longer operating correctly. The cantonal and municipal authorities are working closely with the operators to restore the situation or put temporary solutions in place.

A preliminary assessment of the Sierre industrial site has revealed that there have been no significant spills of products hazardous to water, and no acute damage to the environment has been observed.

To limit the impact on watercourses, residents of the areas concerned (Sierre-Noës, Saastal, Zermatt, St. Niklaus, Anniviers, Evolène and the Goms Valley) are invited to adopt these simple measures:

  • put toilet paper in the garbage can,
  • avoid disposing of biodegradable materials in sinks and toilets,
  • clean frying pans with household paper before washing,
  • use fully biodegradable products for body care, laundry and cleaning,
  • do not pour any synthetic substances down the drain.

Follow the recommendations on this dedicated page: www.vs.ch/etat-step