Commission internationale
pour la protection des eaux du Léman


Action plans

Action plan for 2011 – 2020

On 25 November 2010, the plenary session of CIPEL adopted the action plan for 2011 – 2020, entitled “Preserving Lake Geneva, its shores and rivers for today and for the future”. It is organised around four main axes: “Good conditions”, “Potable water”, “Framework for life” and “Climate change”. These axes have given rise to a series of main targets, each combined with actions to be undertaken or continued. Phosphorus, which was still a cause for concern, became a secondary priority.
Continuity of the measures to promote water quality
Our priority for the coming decade was the reduction of micropollurants, undesirable substances, some of which are non-biodegradable, which are found in the water, but also in the flesh of fish. These substances result from human activities and can cause problems for both the environment and human beings. In particular CIPEL will be checking for pesticides and drug residues. Some of these substances are new; others have long been present in the Lake. Actions intended to renaturalise the shores, and monitoring to evaluate the impact of climate change on Lake Geneva are other important aspects of the new action plan for 2011-2020.

Log book: monitoring of the action plan

To be able to monitor and steer the action plan, CIPEL has identified and monitored about forty detailed indicators. These indicators provide information about the uses to which Lake Geneva is put (fishing, potable water, swimming), the state of Lake Geneva and of the water courses, and determines what needs to be done to reach the targets set by CIPEL.

Tableau de bord (log book) de la CIPEL (French)